The Following testimonials are just a sampling from our files. While everyone’s experience of Rolf Structural Integration (AKA Rolfing) is unique you will surely find in the described experience of the others, a reflection of some of your own concerns. I look forward to sharing your testimonial once you experienced the life changing benefits of this work.

I found that after the first series, my major complaints of knee pain were completely relieved. I also found that I no longer had to wear shoe orthotics to maintain my balance and that my walking gait is in much better alignment.

A surprise to me, was the increase in movement in  my torso and arms. With all of this increased movement and flexibility I also found that I became more flexible in my everyday life with routine decisions, sudden occurrences and improving creativity.

Sharon A. Oliver, M.D.
Whole Life and Health Center, P.C., Detroit, MI

My series of Rolfing sessions not only brought my physical body into better alignment, but also gave me a greater sense of where I stand in this world and where I am going.

Michelle Bahisu

To a minute of time, I know Robert has given me back ten years of life. It was like a pencil eraser on the bumps, and bruises and my life, and to the trauma, car accidents, falls, and the pounding I put it through. Robert’s expert gaze and dedicated search of my body’s center of alignment, allowed my memory, and body, to release it.

I am enjoying my life now more than before in part, due to my experience with Robert Auerbach, and for what I allowed myself to do for my body.

Ed Kotke

Over the course of the visits, I found myself moving my consciousness into areas that I had ignored. Rolfing has definitely accelerated my healing process. I recommend Bob Auerbach without reservation!

Amy Tanner

I went through Rolfing as an essential process for my continued commitment to a healthy, aligned, and free moving body. I feel that the basic Rolfing plus the subsequent “tune ups” that I have been dong have enabled me to have the freedom and spirit of expression through my body that is so important to my life. Bob was very sensitive to my pain threshold which enabled me to go through this in a very rewarding way.

Elizabeth W. Borg, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Life Coach and Naturopathic Doctor, Canton, MI

After going through the initial 10 Rolfing sessions, I was able to once again, start doing simple things like mowing the lawn and basic yard work. Before your treatments, I could not do these activities without experiencing back pain that would linger for one or two days. Since then, in combination with your tune up sessions and body massage from a massage therapist, I am able to walk with excellent posture, my body feels balanced and strong and I am now able to go back to my full weight training and bicycling program.

Bob, the work you do is absolutely incredible! I would strongly recommend your Rolfing to anyone who wants to live a life free from back and shoulder pain!

Tom Borg, MA
Tom Borg Consulting, Training & Development, Canton, MI

I sought Bob’s help primarily due to the extremely severe tension/muscle contraction headaches which I had experienced with increasing severity and duration over the last few years. While I am also under the care of a physician and on preventive medication, I have come to believe that while this component is an important part of my treatment, this alone represents only a band-aid approach to my problem.

Even my physician(s) agreed that the severity of my headaches was brought on by years of major stressors in my life. Bob’s work certainly dramatically reduced the tension and pain I was experiencing in my shoulders, neck and head while also helping me to achieve a body that was free of much of its previous tension which brought about a general feeling of a sense of well-being.

Linda Cole

I can whole-heartedly recommend Rolfing to everyone. I received so many benefits it’s difficult to list them all but I gained an inch I height, aches and pains that I had had for years disappeared, I can breathe better, my posture has greatly improved and I have more energy. I also had several very healing emotional breakthroughs during my sessions. It is definitely worth the time and effort to have it done.

Carol Dowdy
Wellness Director, APC Group, Detroit, MI

After my car accident, I was in so much pain that I could barely work, let alone function. Thanks to your expertise and caring nature, punctuality, integrity, and commitment, my body is more alive, suppler and more flexible than before the accident.

Fred Bartholmeau

A feeling of lightness permeates my body. I can honestly state that I have a greater breathing capacity. My energy level has soared. I highly recommend the process to anyone with past injuries and who would like to regain a fluid, light, balanced body, free of pain.

My health and well-being are paramount to me at 71 years of age. I am so happy that I made the commitment to go through the 10 sessions. It was worth every penny I invested in Structural Integration.

Sister Jane Zoltek
Sisters of St. Joseph, Oak Park, MI

When I first started going for my first rolfing session, I was not sure what benefits I would receive. But after the first session, I noticed that my body was more compact, solid and upright. I continued with all ten recommended sessions, I was pleased with the deep tissue treatment I received. I felt like parts of my body were actually being moved. I felt like things were being straightened out, fixed and corrected. I learned how to sit and walk for better posture. All in al I it was a very rewarding and relaxing experience.

Jan Smutek
Dearborn Heights, MI

I came to Bob with my neck actually off it’s axis, due to a car accident when I was five years old. I am now 54 and wondered if he could help me after all that time. My neck felt like was on the person in front of me (I called it like a turtle). I went through the ten visits and m y neck is now where it should be on the axis! Also, I am 2 ¼ inches taller, due to this treatments. I believe what Bob Auerbach has done for me is nothing short of miraculous! He is a very talented man.

Sharon Wellington

As you know I have had many years of chiropractic and massage therapies. And while these therapies have been helpful to the quality of my life, it has been the Rolfing that has given me such noticeable and measurable physical and mental improvement. I have never felt this “centered” before and with such clarity! I am so very grateful for your fine work.

Tim McKay

I am a certified massage therapist who is employed by a chiropractor, so naturally, I receive both of these treatments regularly. By loosening up and freeing some of my fascial adhesions, I gained greater flexibility. As my body adapted to the changes my neck and low back pain have diminished. 

Kathy Arrington