The Ten Series

The recipe is Ida Rolf's sequencing of 10 sessions into a coherent and developmental process in which each session has its own theme and goals with the work focuses in particular body territories and layers. It is best to think of the 10 Series as pearls strung together making a necklace rather than 10 static events.

  • Session 1 - Opens up the superficial fascia that functions like a whole body stocking. From the first session, you will notice a dramatic increase in your breathing capacity. Lengthening the front of the torso while increasing your vital capacity is the major goal of this session.
  • Session 2 - Puts competent legs and feet under the lengthened torso. This session works toward the arches being neither to high nor to flat, while having the ankles, knees and hips tracking together A new feeling of being grounded below is matched with lift in the back as the myofascial environment- of the spine (the erector spinae) are lengthened.
  • Session 3 - Looking at the body from the side the project here  is to balance the different "blocks" of the body (e.g. head; torso; pelvis, etc) one on top of the other while creating space and distinction between the rib cage and the hips. A new feeling of three dimensionality is common (e.g. having an awareness of the body’s front, middle and back) .
  • Session 4 - Releases and organizes the inside plane of the body (insides of the legs) to give core support to the body while allowing the pelvis to have greater freedom of movement. This is often experience as providing a missing piece in structural and emotional maturation.
  • Session 5 - The psoas muscles are deeps abdominal muscles that Ida Rolf thought so important she named them "the Rolf muscle". This session lengthens and balances the right and left psoas muscles not only with each other but  with more superficial structures(like the quads. and rectus abdominus). You will experience your upper and lower bodies integrated in your walk for probably the first time. Also, any exaggerated pelvic tilt will move toward normal.
  • Session 6 -  Here the territory is from the ankles, up the calves, into the hamstrings and up into the gluteal compartment and ending in the lower lack. This session resolves strain and stress from the back of the legs on the pelvis. Yow will notice that your sacrum now moves with your breathing as this important structure is freed from its domination by either the lumbar spine or the pelvis.
  • Session 7 - The theme here is to get the client’s head "on straight" while balancing the core of the cranium with the core of the rest of the body. You may have a new awareness of your “Rolf Line" as your living vertical energy expresses itself all the way up your body and out the top of your head.
  • Sessions 8, 9, and 10 -These are sessions of integration--bringing together the great results from the  first seven sessions and relating them to the pelvic and shoulder girdles and both girdles in turn to the lumbar spine. The 10th session  creates horizontal planes (especially around major joints) that add to the felt sense of verticality, lift and integration.